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Heart and Soul - Behind the Cards

Shona AlexanderPortable Altars of Love by Shona Alexander

My work is born of the love and beauty I find within my meditative journeys. I turn my work into cards because I love what giving, or receiving, a card can mean to someone.

Sacred Celebration Cards were created to be as portable altars of love, through which someone may experience an easy moment of meaningful reconnection within their busy day.

I dreamed of these cards whilst I was in the early days of becoming a new mother. During those initial months, (well years actually!) I had little time for me and I often felt disconnected from myself.

At that time I found I couldn’t concentrate to read a book, or stay focused to meditate. I wished I’d had a portable altar; an image, a snapshot of stillness, that could carry me to a quiet place within. I wished for an easy way to reconnect to my inner truth, within the chaos of my day.

That was when I imagined having photographs of things that spoke to me of my Spiritual Journey. Images that spoke of peace and the More of life.

I also imagined being able to read but a fragment of writing, that could encapsulate the love and depth of my Spiritual Life that I was feeling disconnected from.

Eventually these thoughts became Sacred Celebration Cards. My small answer to the Spiritual need and yearning that we all have inside us - that often gets forgotten, or swept aside, in the fullness of our days.

I dream my cards - these little seeds of love - be scattered around the world into the hands and hearts of people seeking Spiritual Connection...

Welcome to my collection of cards, in celebration and honour of our Spiritual Journey...