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Into worlds of love,
healing and Spiritual Life.

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Incredible Links - There are no words sufficient for the Spiritual Journey offered by Lazaris...  Just dive on in and relish the magnificent love. - A woman who’s work is all about setting us free to be more of our passionate, creative selves.  Her website it a lovely place to Be. - A wonderful place to learn about the exciting and visionary world happening beyond the consensus media. - Deeply soulful and full of affirmation for living a more natural life with ones family. - A centre for deep physical, spiritual and life healing. - Many people have entered this centre very sick and ill, and found the answers they were needing to heal, recover, and transform their lives. - Flower essences from sacred places to heal, to love and to embrace you.  These elixirs of flower and plant medicine are beautifully soul full and tender. - Music, art & workshops to feed our earth loving Soul.  Deeply nourishing. - My local cranial osteopath works wonders with my whole family. Please explore this amazing way of healing, loving and renewing your entire body system. - This is the website for my lovely local yoga instructor in Essex, UK.  Yoga is such a blessing in our lives.  Definitely a gift to personally explore. - This woman’s books are beautiful. - Dr Jill Bolte Taylor is a passionate woman on a mission that is one to know about.  Her talks and work are truly mind expanding.  How she came to meditation is a story worthy of your time. - For perfume made only with exquisite natural oils - that will make you feel like an Empress.  And many other beautiful potions to delight you. - A website to inspire your creative juices to flow.  A wonderful place to hang out and enjoy. - Soul Gardens artwork to deeply inspire and uplift. - for instruments that enable us to make music that can fill us with joy, aliveness and bliss. - Health giving, organic food in the UK.  Helping us to eat as well as we can. - A doctor intent on seeking out the truth about what we need and don’t need to be putting into our bodies.  Enlightening reading, listening and discussing. - An interesting place to discover something new. - The most astonishing gallery of crystals carved by Lawrence Stoller - a true artist of our Earth’s great crystalline bounty.  Behold the beauty and be deeply touched. - Beautiful hand made flutes from the UK.  Playing a Native American style flute can heal our heart, awaken our Soul and help us to find our Voice, our music, our expression.  Be enchanted!